Maths and Science teachers Objactive Expected outcomes guideline,unitcost of Training and Distict wise Resource Teachers list

SCERT -  Andhra   Pradesh - Amaravati -Organisation of  Teacher Training on Hands on Experience in Mathematics  & Science from  07-06-2018 to 11-06-2018-  At District    Level   - Regarding.

The District    Educational     Officers   of Srikakulam, East Godavari,  Prakasam,  Y.S.R.Kadapa and  Ananthapuram     are    informed     that    it   is   decided     to  organize     05  day  Teacher     Training Programme     on  Hands on Experience in Mathematics, Physical Science, and Biological Science from 07-06-2018  to 11-06-2018  at  District    Level  in  ResidentialMode.

Hence they  are requested    to organize   05 day Teacher Training    Programme    in  residential mode  as   said above.     In this   connection     select   the   subject   teachers    in  Mathematics      Physical Science,    Biological     Science   as  per the  guide  lines    given   in  the  Annexure-1.   Conduct   planning one  day before  i.e.  06-06-2018    with  SRGs    (listed    in Annexure-  Ill)  and  Course Coordinator.
Further  the   District   Educational    Officers   concerned     are  requested    to follow  the  financial norms    and  time   table    as   given     in  Annexure-11  & IV.   Instructions     will  be  given  to the  selected teachers     in  Mathematics,       Physical     Science    and   Biological     Science    to   participate      the    said programme    scheduled    from 07-06-2018    to 11-06-2018    and  report  to the  Course   Director   on 07-06-2018  at 8.00.  A.M.   without   fail.
Maths and Science teachers Objactive Expected outcomes guideline,unitcost of Training and Distict wise Resource Teachers list



To bring  positive   attitude   and  confidence   in Teachers  to teach  Mathematics   and Science  concepts   through  Hands on Experience  by using  low cost material.

Expected   outcomes:

• Increase   interest   in  Science   &  Mathematics,    provides   insight   m  to  Scientific
• Promotes  concept  retention   and development.
• Provides   professional   development  for Teachers.
•To  encourage     Teachers    to  promote   productive   Student   Teacher    interaction participatory    class  room  learning  environment  while  improving  'learning   -  how- to learn'   attitude,  creative  thinking  and problem  solving  skills.
•Significantly     improve   the   class   room   learning    environment    better   and   more productive   student  - teacher   interaction,   more  hands  on  learning   opportunities, improved   overall  learning   and easy understanding   of concepts.
•To  create  well   trained  and  enthusiastic   teachers  with  the  potential  to  positively impact  teaching  learning  methods.
•To improve  knowledge    levels  of teachers  (content   and   methods)  through   Hands on Experience   in  Mathematics   &  Science.
• Improves   Innovative   thinking   in the students
•It  decreases   the  gap  between  the  subject  knowledge    and  application    of subject knowledge   day to day life situations
•It improves the coordination among the students  and develops leadership qualities.
• It  helps   children    understand   the  abstract  concept  of  Mathematics   and  Science while developing  in them  ability to construct  own concepts.
•To reduce  the phobia  against  unknown  concepts  of Mathematics   and Science   by using   related   activities  on those concepts.
• Teacher  support  is needed   in sitting  of the situations  in the class room.
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