AP Teachers Eligibility Test -June-2018 – Monitor and arrangements for smooth conduct of Computer Based Test( CBT) Examination –Orders-Issued

School Education-APTET Cell, O/o the Commissioner of School Education, AP, Ibrahimpatnam, Vijayawada– AP Teachers Eligibility Test -June-2018 – Monitor and arrangements for smooth conduct of Computer Based Test( CBT) Examination –Orders-Issued


1. To   take    necessary   arrangements at  the examination centres for providing all the amenities and  requirements.
2. To appoint Departmental Officer for each centre either Gr.II H.M or MEO.
3. Deputy  Educational  Officers  and  DIET  Principals  may  be appointed as flying squad   members   to supervise the  examination  centres during the examination time at  the district  level.
4.  The     District      Educational    Officers of    Kurnool, Chittoor and Ananthapuramu     may     be    instructe to appoint MEO/H.M as departmental officer to the  examination  centres   of Hyderabad,  Chennai and Bangalore respectively.
5. To appoint   one  Departmental  Officer for every  300  candidates   for each examination centre.
6.A   copy  of the  Scribes   list  Duplicate   Hall  ticket   list  and   District   wise, Centre-wise,   Session  wise  Hall  ticket  sequence report   is communicated to  all  the  District   Educational   Officers  in  the  State   and   they  may  be requested    to    appoint     qualified/eligible      scribes     who    are   having Intermediate   qualification    to  the   Visually   Challenged/Orthopedically Challenged  (those  who  are not  having   both  the  hands)   candidates  for attending Teacher Eligibility Test as per norms.
7. The    50   minutes   additional   time    is   applicable  only   for   visually challenged those  who have  are availing scribes for attending  TET Examination and  there   is  no  extra   time  for  Orthopedically  Challenged candidates.
8.All  the  District   Educational  Officers  in  the  state  are requested to allow the   PHC  Candidates    duly   verifying the   genuinity    of  the   candidates physically those  who are  not  included   in the  scribes list communicated by   this   office  and  allot    scribes  those   who   are   approached  to   the respective District Educational Officer.
9. Candidates   with 'No  Photograph'    on   the   Hall   TickeL,   may   also   be  allowed
for examination  along with latest  photograph  and  proper  identity  card.
10.To  release  the  Press  Note with  regard  to conducting of Teacher   Eligibility Test,   Schedule     and    Name   of   the   TET   examination   centres   with location.
11.  To  display  the   examination  schedule    and  centres    list  in  the   Notice Board   in   their   respective  offices  of  the   District   Educational   Officer Concerned.
12.  To create  TET cell in the 0/o   the District Educational  Officer and  appoint one  person     not    below   the    rank    of   H.M/MEO     for   rectifying   the clarifications of the TET Examinations.
13.   All the   District    Educational    Officers    in   the   State    are   informed    that,    a command   control   room   is  constituted    in  the   0/o   the  Commissioner   of School   Education,    A.P.,   Ibrahimpatnam    and   it  works   from   08:00  AM to
05:30    PM.  Any  discrepancy   in  the centre  during  the   examination    time, they  must  brought  to  the   notice   of  the  command   control   room   by phone and   send   detailed   report    through   mail   in  the  same   day   to  the Convenor
(TET). aptetl8@gmail.com.
14.    To  appoint   One   constable    for  every   three  hundred   candidates   for  each examination   centre.
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